October Message from Rabbi Louis Zivic, D.D.

Dear Friends, As you all know, the US has been devastated by natural disasters. We’ve had hurricanes, wild fires, and floods. Mexico, our neighbor to the south has had an earthquake and on and on the list goes and unfortunately grows. I am, among other duties, the custodian of the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund. My custodianship of the fund highlights three major areas: feeding the hungry, caring for veterans both here and in Israel, and caring for multi-handicapped children. Recently, I have added aid to disaster relief organizations such as the Mennonite Disaster Relief Fund and the American Red Cross. The fund has also helped our members who have been in need. NO Discretionary monies are spent on animal care. It may be regrettable, but I believe in the hierarchy of existence as described in the Torah, which indicates that humans come first. Harvey, Irma, wildfires and floods have taken their toll on the Discretionary Fund and I have yet to receive the secondary wave of appeals from Jewish organizations that will need help. I know that these appeals will come as soon as these organizations can appropriately evaluate their needs and come up with plans. Regrettably, I’ve been to this “rodeo” before. This is not the only time disasters have occurred that require funds. Unfortunately, the Rabbis Discretionary Fund is depleted. When I took over its responsibility, it had only $658 (approx.) in it. The largest source of income for the fund comes from our members who attend daily services and put money in the pushke, the charity box in the chapel. I’m very grateful for their observance of the mitzvah of tzedakah, charity, but right now, it is not enough to meet the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund’s needs. Therefore, I am writing this appeal and asking everyone to make a contribution, large or small to the fund. Please make your check payable to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund and send it to the synagogue office. The beneficiaries of your generosity will be grateful and you will have performed a mitzvah; so I am asking, PLEASE. Knowing the generosity of your hearts, I also say THANK YOU.

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